installshield-switches while installing

To perform silent installation you need setup.iss file. If you doesn’t have this file use graphical installer to create one.
Now run the installer using /r switch (record) and go through all the installation dialogs to complete installation. This will create a setup.iss file.
Now place this file in C:\Windows directory because this will store all your responses to the dialogs. Now copy the setup.iss file to the same directory as the installer executable.
Now run installer using /s switch (silent). This will perform an unattended installation.

Installer will return immediately even if you run it under start /wait. This is not useful for scripting purposes. Luckily, there is another switch /sms, which will cause the installer to pause until the installation completes.
For an InstallShield application you should provide both the /s and the /sms switches.

The /f1filename switch allows you to specify a fully-qualified alternate name for the setup.iss file.
Note that there must be no space between the /f1 switch and the file name.
This switch works both with /r to create the file and with /s to read it.
The /f2filename switch specifies a log file. Once again, there must be no space between the switch and the file name.
Characters you use in these file names should not have non-alphanumerics (like hyphens) because installshield silently removes them.
Many packages have “custom dialogs” which are not supported by setup.iss, which means the dialogs will always appear no matte


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